Purchasing the full version means that you have access to all of Canada’s industry standard forms in an interactive, online format.  Not only are all your forms available from a central location, 24 hours a day, but e/Forms also contains “smart links” to contact management data bases to give you the luxury of automatic completion.  “Smart links” in the form, find the correct client information from your database and insert it into the correct fields in the chosen form.  You can even have your company specific forms added to your version for a customized solution.  Maintaining, filling, and filing forms have never been so easy.

Your upgrade of e/Forms includes:

*24 hour access to a complete set of interactive online forms

*automatic population of client information directly into forms

*buying Canadian owned and operated services

*simple to use, ready to run software just minutes after purchase

*reduced rejection rate of forms by financial brokers

*professional looking, rapidly completed forms of all lengths


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If you would like to purchase the software, please contact ScanTech Imaging Corp toll-free at 1-866-709-9666.